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Rules of Conduct on Board an Aircraft


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Rules of conduct on board an aircraft adopted by Donavia are aimed at safety and comfort of all passengers and are obligatory for all passengers.

Donavia is striving to satisfy its customers’ needs through constant improvement of services provided. This task is so much easier since most of our passengers follow the common rules of behavior adopted in the society.

Rules of Conduct on Board an Aircraft

Air ticket is a document confirming the agreement between a passenger and carrier for air transport services. According to the international legal principles, the fact that a passenger bought a ticket means he/she accepts the conditions of the agreement.

Donavia rules of conduct on board an aircraft are aimed at passengers’ safety and comfort, provision of social order and prevention of offences on board during flights. The rules are obligatory for all passengers.

A passenger has the right to:

  • demand the provision of all services stipulated in the Air transport contract;
  • turn to the crew members in case his/her life, health or dignity is in danger.

A passenger must:

  • observe silence and order;
  • strictly follow the orders of the aircraft captain and recommendations of flight attendants;
  • place carry-on baggage in the specially designated places, shown by flight attendants;
  • fasten seat belts when the indicating panel “fasten seat belts” is switched on. It is recommended that passengers leave seat belts fastened during the flight.

Passenger is not permitted to:

  • cause situations which endanger the safety of flight or the life, health or dignity of other passengers or the crew - insult them in any way – whether physically or verbally;
  • show disrespect or aggression towards other passengers or the crew;
  • disturb resting passengers unless necessary;
  • smoke on board an aircraft;
  • prevent (or distract) the crew from performing their duties;
  • damage any equipment of property on board an aircraft;
  • open service compartments or the locks of main and emergency exits;
  • take away any property belonging to the carrier;
  • use emergency equipment without orders of the crew;
  • use electronic devices during taxiing, takeoff and landing.

Alcohol Policy

  • Drinking alcohol drinks, except those offered on board the aircraft, is prohibited.
  • The chief of the cabin crew may refuse to serve alcohol drinks to passengers intoxicated by alcohol.
  • The aircraft commander may refuse to accept on board a passenger intoxicated by alcohol or narcotics.
  • Alcohol drinks cannot be offered to passengers under legal age. This rule is also applied when the under-age person travels with parents.

The aircraft Commander in accordance with article 58 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation has the right to:

  1. give orders to provide compliance with the “Rules of conduct on board an aircraft" and provide flight safety;
  2. use all necessary measures including force to persons whose actions pose a clear threat to the flight safety and who refuse to obey the orders of the Aircraft commander;
  3. upon the aircraft’s arrival at the nearest airport the aircraft commander can order such persons out of the aircraft and pass them on to the law enforcement organs.
  4. such persons can be brought to administrative or criminal responsibility in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation or International Law.

In case of breach of the above requirements, today’s international air legislation, and legislations of 166 countries which ratified the Tokyo convention Offences and Certain Other Acts Committed On Board Aircraft (1963), including the Russian Federation, as well as these Rules of Donavia and their practices, stipulate the following sanctions:

  • termination of services to the passenger intoxicated by alcohol, or by any other substance;
  • seizure for the time of the flight (with subsequent return upon the flight completion) of the passenger’s alcohol drinks, including those purchased at the Duty Free shops on board;
  • taking enforcement measures towards the persons refusing to follow the orders of the aircraft commander;
  • disposing of the offender at the nearest airport, and in case of forced landing, the passenger’s offsetting of all extra costs caused by their behavior;
  • passing of such passenger on to the law enforcement organs irrespective of the country of landing;
  • passenger’s offsetting of all material damage caused by them to the air carrier as a result of the company’s property damage;
  • imposing of fine (in some countries – over $3,000);
  • imprisonment (in some countries – up to 2 years);
  • deprivation of the right to further use the carrier’s services, including termination of the concluded contract for carriage, without any compensation of its cost;
  • cancellation of visas issued whether by the Russian Federation or by any other country;
  • drawing of the maximum possible public interest to the incident via the media and the Internet.

A passenger can become acquainted with these rules:

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