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Responsibility for the safety of baggage carried in the cabin assigned to the passenger.

Baggage Allowance in the cabin:

  • Business Class - 1 piece of luggage weighing up to 15 kg.
  • Economy Class - 1 piece of luggage weighing up to 10 kg.

In sum, the three dimensions of space the size of luggage must not exceed 115 cm (55x40x20).

Passengers can carry on board, free of charge in addition to the free baggage allowance, the following items:

  • a purse or a briefcase;
  • a paper folder;
  • an umbrella;
  • a cane;
  • a bouquet of flowers;
  • an overcoat;
  • printed matter for reading during the flight;
  • baby food to feed a baby during the flight;
  • a mobile phone;
  • a portable PC, a photo camera, a video camera;
  • a suit in a holdall;
  • a baby cradle when transporting a baby;
  • a baby pram when transporting a baby;
  • a pair of crutches, litter (if the named items are required to the passenger).

The listed items do not have to be produced for weighting, check-in or tagging.

Crutches and litters are transported according to rules and agreement of the carrier, depending in aircraft, in accordance to the ICAO rules.

Disabled passengers may carry a pliable wheelchair (not more than one) on a cost free basis, meaning over the set norm.

Baby buggy (including a cane) are carried in the baggage compartment of the aircraft as a registered baggage over the set norm. Buggy should be transported for a child following with a passenger. Buggy weight should not exceed 20 kg. Passenger may use a buggy until boarding to the aircraft. Buggy should be handed for placing into the baggage compartment before boarding as a rule.

If a buggy is labeled with “DELIVERY AT AIRCRAFT” sticker it should be carried on airstairs (passageway) and to be returned to passenger after completing the journey. Buggies or wheelchairs having no “DELIVERY TO AIRCRAFT” sticker to be placed into cargo compartment and to be returned to passenger in accordance with usual procedure for checked-in baggage.

If allowed by the carrier, passenger may carry on board the aircraft, in addition to the allowed cabin baggage, a bag with items bought in Duty free stores, although the weight of such bag should not exceed carrier's norms on weight and size.

Объединенная авиакомпания «Россия» объявляет о начале полетов
Rossiya Airlines, Aeroflot Group’s newly merged regional carrier, announces it has commenced flights.
The new joint airline «Russia» creates a branch on the Rostov-on-Don base of the «Donavia» subsidiary.
Dear passengers! Please note that from 01.02.2016, dietary patterns and the composition of meals provided to passengers on board aircrafts of “Donavia” airline, which is a part of the “Aeroflot” group of companies.


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