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Air Carriage of Unaccompanied Minors


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Air Carriage of Unaccompanied Minors - General Provisions

Donavia provides services for air carriage of unaccompanied minors (not accompanied by parents or any air travelers over 18 years old).

Our company’s representatives and crew members will take care of your child from his/her accepting from the escorting person until handing over to the meeting person at the point of destination.

As unaccompanied minors only children  from 5 till 12 years old can be carried (children before 5 years old can be carried only if accompanied by an adult). By request of the parents or any persons substituting for this provision can be applied to minors before 16 years old.

JSC Donavia provides a service on carriage of unaccompanied minors, which travel on direct route either one way or a round-trip, the service covers flights of Donavia or a transit/transfer route with a transfer to Donavia flight or flights of Aeroflot - Russian airlines or Rossiya airline, if connection time between flights does not exceed 6 hours and airport of arrival is the same as the airport of the departure of passenger's next flight.

You can arrange about an unaccompanied minor to be carried on flight at the representative offices and agencies of Aeroflot.

The service for air carriage of unaccompanied minors is chargeable.

A child’s age is defined for the date of beginning of air carriage from the point (airport) of origin specified in a traffic document.

Carriage of an unaccompanied minors is surcharged as 100% as per tariff of an adult passenger, regardless child's' age. For unaccompanied minors service the extra payment is charged as established by Aeroflot.

Special meals for a child can be ordered at the representative office of Aeroflot or by phones of Information and Booking Service of Aeroflot not later than 36 hours before the departure.

A child will be offered a separate seat and will be allowed free-of-charge carriage of baggage in accordance with the established standards.

All required security procedures similar to those standards for screening of passengers and their belongings will be applied to unaccompanied minors to ensure your in-flight safety, comfort, to prevent disorderly behaviour and offence of law.

A child can be accepted for carriage, if:

  • child is traveling on direct flights of JSC Donavia;
  • child is traveling on a transit/transfer route with transfer to flight of Donavia, Aeroflot or Rossiya airlines;
  • child is accompanied to the airport of departure by seer-off;
  • he/she has all documents required for flight;
  • all required procedures and formalities have been fulfilled;
  • payment for his/her air carriage has been received in full;
  • the escorting persons stay at the airport of departure until take-off;
  • he/she is definitely picked up at the airport of arrival.

The airline will not be held liable in case of a child’s removal from a flight due to wrongly issued documents.

If a child is not met at the airport of arrival all expenses incurred in connection with the return to the point of departure will be borne by the person specified in the Application form for a parent (or legal representative).


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