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Rules for pets carriage

1. Carriage of pets by air

Donavia carries on its scheduled flights pets that do not require special conditions of transportation, not exceeding two non-antagonistic animals in the cabin and  no more than four animals per flight.

Donavia’s regular flights can carry pets (dogs, cats, birds, fish and other pets) in the cabin of an aircraft as checked-in baggage only with an accompanying person.

Carriage of pets must be agreed with the carrier beforehand – when buying a ticket, passengers must inform the agent on their intention to take a pet aboard.

Carriage of pets is allowed only provided that the owner produces veterinary certificates, if necessary – the certificates of quarantine service.

Owner of animal or bird carries responsibility for fulfilling the country legislation to which one or via which one the flight is being operated. Please make sure that you are able to provide all the required documents in accordance with Russian Federation legislation, international agreements and country legislation being your flight destination or connection.

Please note that some countries have specific regulation for carrying animals. We recommend you to arrange the consultation in the embassy of departure and arrival countries for more detailed information in regard of animals and birds transportation regulations.

Russian Federation requirements for animals transportation are available on the websites as follows:

Pets are allowed for the carriage in the cabin in the suitable containers/cages providing for necessary conveniences during air carriage, with free access for air and a safe latch (lock). The bottom of the container must be solid, waterproof and covered with a layer of absorbing material. The cages for birds must be covered with a thick impervious to light tissue.

Pets are allowed for the carriage in the cabin  if the weight of the animal with the container (cage) does not exceed 8 kg, and three dimensions size is not more than 115 cm.

The passenger’s guide dog, weight unlimited,  is carried free-of-charge in excess of a free allowed baggage in case a document to confirm the invalid status of a blind passenger as well as the document to confirm the special training of the guide dog are produced.

The guide dog must be in a muzzle and a dog-collar and roped to the seat of the passenger it is guiding. The passengers who are traveling with a guide-dog are provided seats in the end of the cabin (except the seats near emergency exits).

For air transportation the following items are not allowed to be transported as a luggage: animals and birds (with exception for house animals (birds) and service dogs), insects, fish, crawlers, rodents, test or sick animals where air transportation of above as a luggage is prohibited by Russian Federation Legislation, international agreements of the Russian Federation and the legislation of the country to/from or via which such transportation is being performed.

Transportation of the animals in luggage section of the aircraft on JSC Donavia flights is not being performed.

Pets are accepted for carriage provided that the passenger takes all the responsibility for them. The air carrier shall not be liable for any injuries, loss, delay in delivery, illness or death of the animals, or for the denial of their entry to, or transit through any country or territory.

2. Payment

The weight of a pet with the cage (gross weight) is not included in the free baggage allowance. An additional charge will be calculated at the rate of second piece of baggage.

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Rossiya Airlines, Aeroflot Group’s newly merged regional carrier, announces it has commenced flights.
The new joint airline «Russia» creates a branch on the Rostov-on-Don base of the «Donavia» subsidiary.
Dear passengers! Please note that from 01.02.2016, dietary patterns and the composition of meals provided to passengers on board aircrafts of “Donavia” airline, which is a part of the “Aeroflot” group of companies.


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